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Staging to Sell. Let Their Be Light.

Selling successfully. Staging advice to effectively sell your home and move on. On growth, de-clutter, and making it happen: Connect to, e-mail or call toll-free 1-800-525-7965 to effectively stage and sell your home, condo, land or commercial property or set up a showing to trade up or down size and move on. See the Maple Sweet […]

Vermont MLS All Stars. Newest VT Real Estate Listings.

Here’s a hand-picked selection of the most exciting Vermont homes to hit the market in the past seven days: Connect to, e-mail or call toll-free 1-800-525-7965 to set up a showing of any of these newest listings, of any other Vermont property, or to sell your home, condo, land or commercial property. See the Maple Sweet […]

125 Breakaway Farm Road, Warren, Vermont. Sugarbush, VT Luxury Real Estate.  

Geothermal, Sugared Down.

Geothermal exchange, aka geothermal heating and cooling, is spectacularly simple, at once enigmatically complex. Vermonters are capitalizing on this wonderful green technology known by some as cave man technology as pre-historic man escaped winter’s harshness since the Paleolithic era in subterranean homes, making use of warmer temperatures below the surface from heat retained within the Earth […]

Sugarbush VT Home for Sale. The Tower of Power.


Septic Systems: How They Work and How to Keep Them Working

Septic Systems are, for most of us in Vermont, critical. When buying a home or commercial property, knowing as much about the septic system you’re buying can be huge. While standard home inspections cover the building itself, and some buyers will ask the septic tank be pumped and inspected, few well understand the leaching system in the […]

Smart Meters, Blood, Cancer and Headaches. Taking Back Your Power.

What an  astonishing showing. My customers, a wonderful couple from New Jersey, are escaping urban sprawl for their lives. Maria is EMF (electromagnetic frequency) sensitive. She can tell when a house has a smart meter. Green Mountain Power (GMP) offered hand held smart meters some years ago to monitor your power usage. It was a […]

Bridge Street Butchery; Jeff Lynn Taking Vermont to New Culinary Highs

     Hot off the slopes, apres-ski takes on a new meaning with Mad River Valley gem The Bridge Street Butchery in historic Waitsfield. Fresh Oysters, hot bouillabaisse or cold sushi, sword fish, organic beef, Vermont smoke & cure bacon, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar,  fennel sausage jambalaya, partridge, duck or venison are here to grace your […]

The Most Expensive Food in the World, the Mafia, and International Thievery

Small Grows Up. The new Retina iPad Mini Wired Review

Apple iPad mini Small Grows Up Rating: 9/10 Nearly flawless $829 as tested (128GB LTE version) Reviewed by Christina Bonnington November 15, 2013 | The iPad mini with Retina display is roughly the same size as the original. It’s ever-so-slightly thicker, and has a little bit more heft, weighing in at .75 pounds for the LTE model and .73 for […]